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Humber Blackboard FAQ

Humber Blackboard FAQ

If you've registered for Humber College Real Estate Salesperson Courses, and looking for Humber Blackboard - you're in the right place.

Welcome to Course Tree Learning, your trusted partner for comprehensive Real Estate License Ontario exam preparation. Designed for motivated students in Toronto and beyond, our study materials are crafted to empower you with the knowledge and confidence needed to excel in your Real Estate License Ontario test. Lose the stress of exam preparation and embrace our tailored study kits that include everything you need to succeed. Welcome to Humber Blackboard.

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Welcome to Humber College's Real Estate Education Portal

At Humber College, we're proud to offer our students an integrated and comprehensive learning experience, especially in the field of real estate. Our state-of-the-art learning management system, Humber Blackboard, is at the core of our educational delivery. Here's everything you need to know about navigating your real estate education journey with us. Humber Blackboard FAQ...

Humber Blackboard FAQ: Your Learning Hub

Humber Blackboard is an online platform that enriches your learning experience at Humber College. With your Blackboard login, you gain access to:

  • Course Materials: View lecture notes, presentations, and additional reading materials.

  • Assignments and Exams: Submit assignments and take exams online.

  • Grades and Feedback: Check your grades and receive feedback from instructors.

  • Discussion Boards: Engage in discussions with classmates and instructors.

To access Blackboard, visit the Humber College website and use your MyHumber login credentials. MyHumber is your gateway to managing your academic life, from checking your grades to enrolling in courses.

Transition to Humber College for Real Estate Education

In a significant shift, the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) ceased its real estate education programs, and Humber College took over in [Year]. Now, Humber College is the official provider of real estate education and exams in Ontario, offering:

  • Pre-registration courses: Essential for new entrants into the real estate profession.

  • Post-registration education: For ongoing learning and specialization.

The Profession of a Real Estate Salesperson

A career in real estate is dynamic and rewarding, involving:

  • Market Analysis: Understanding market trends and pricing strategies.

  • Client Representation: Assisting buyers and sellers through the transaction process.

  • Negotiation: Facilitating negotiations between parties to reach a successful agreement.

  • Continuing Education: Staying informed about the latest industry developments and regulations.

Regulatory Bodies and Acts

The real estate profession in Ontario is regulated by several key bodies and acts:

  • Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA): Represents real estate professionals on a national level.

  • Toronto Regional Real Estate Board (TRREB): The new name reflecting the regional scope of the Toronto Real Estate Board.

  • Real Estate and Business Brokers Act (REBBA): Governs the profession in Ontario.

  • Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO): Oversees registration, education, and regulation of real estate professionals in Ontario. Use the RECO login portal for access to resources and compliance information.

Getting Started with Humber College Real Estate Programs

To embark on your real estate education journey with Humber College, you'll need to:

  1. Prepare: Understand the requirements and commitments of a career in real estate.

  2. Register: Use the MyHumber portal to enroll in the Real Estate Program.

  3. Engage: Participate actively in your courses through the Humber Blackboard system.


Humber College is dedicated to providing a robust and comprehensive real estate education, preparing you for success in this dynamic field. With the support of Humber Blackboard, MyHumber, and guidance from key regulatory bodies, your journey to becoming a real estate professional is well-supported.

Humber Blackboard FAQ
Humber Blackboard FAQ
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