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Humber College Real Estate Exam Questions Download Humber Real Estate Mock Exam Download Essentials

Get your Humber Real Estate Exam Notes here:

Humber Real Estate Salesperson & Broker Essentials Exam, 2023

This study kit contains the exam questions, answers, readings and all Simulations materials you need to quickly clear your Real Estate Salesperson and Real Estate Broker exams. Sims 1 & Sims 2 included in Courses 3 and 4.

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Some prominent features of these books are:

Updated for New 2023 Real Estate Exam Curriculum.

We help with all of the following 6 required exams:

Exam 1: Invigilated Exam (2 hours) - Real Estate Essentials

Exam 2: Invigilated Exam (3 hours) - Residential Real Estate Transactions

Exam 3: Invigilated Exam (3 hours) - Additional Residential Real Estate Transactions

Simulation Session #1: Residential Real Estate Transactions

Exam 4: Invigilated Exam (3 hours) - Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Simulation Session #2: Commercial Real Estate Transactions

**Simulations have an exam after them as well - 6 Exams in total**

Covers all Topics and Lessons Modules.

Point-by-Point Self-Study Notes for all chapters.

Reduces the Time Taken for Review.

Study Anywhere on Your Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or even Smart Phone.

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These books provide point-by-point Self-Study Notes for review of the most important topics from the official textbook. The hard to understand terms have been explained in easy language. Math formulas have been explained with examples. It is a valuable asset for the student who wants to be successful in the first attempt.

Our study kits have been carefully written and structured to give you the best possible chance of succeeding at your exam. The language is simple, the learning objectives are clear and succinct. This is everything you need.

This CourseTree exam preparation kit has been published in Canada, The United States and England under the following International Standard Book Number (ISBN) 978-1-7773740-4-4

Courses contain study notes, exam questions and answers, flashcards and readings. Everything you need is in this kit. This is the easy way to pass the 2022 exams.

Here is an overview:

Each chapter and module of the official exam provider's curriculum has been distilled and captured into clear and concise language. All learning objectives required to succeed in your exam are provided. This is the most direct and efficient way to study and prepare for the exam.

To see a walkthrough video of the study kit, please go here:

The Study Package Contains ALL Below:

Course 0: Admissions Test (For Non Secondary School Diploma Holders)

Course 1: Real Estate Essentials

YouTube overview:

Introducing the Real Estate Profession

Introducing the Fundamentals of Real Estate

Introducing Property Ownership, Rights and Limitations

Introducing Land Description and Land Registration

Introducing the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act (REBBA)

Introducing the Key Legislation and Regulations

Introducing Other Relevant Legislation and Regulations

Course 2: Residential Real Estate Transactions

Explaining Services Available to a Seller or a Buyer

Documenting Relationships

Understanding Residential Property Types, Ownership, and Planning

Factors Impacting Residential Real Estate Negotiations

The Financial Aspects of the Buying and Selling Process and the Role of Third-Party Professionals

Understanding Residential Construction Structural Components

Understanding Residential Construction Mechanical Systems

Understanding Residential Construction Internal and External Finishes

Preparing to Market a Residential Real Property

How Property Conditions Impact Disclosure Requirements

Property Value and Listing Price Considerations

Listing and Marketing Properties

Showing Residential Properties and Advising on Properties of Interest

The Offer Process and Regulatory Obligations

Introducing a Residential Agreement of Purchase and Sale

Completing a Residential Agreement of Purchase and Sale Including Terms for a Buyer or Seller

Writing Conditions to be Included in an Agreement of Purchase and Sale

Completing a Residential Agreement of Purchase and Sale, Countering an Offer, and Working with Competing Offers

Additional Sale-Related Documents and Other Legal Obligations

Completing Real Estate Transactions

Course 3: Additional Residential Real Estate Transactions

YouTube view overview:

Introducing Residential Condominiums

Preparing to Sell Residential Condominiums

Completing Agreements of Purchase and Sale for Residential Condominiums

Transactions Involving New Construction

Transactions Involving Rural Properties

Transactions Involving Residential Multi-Unit Dwellings

Preparing to Lease Residential Real Properties

Preparing to Lease Residential Condominiums

Completing Agreements to Lease for Residential Tenancies

Course 4: Commercial Real Estate Transactions

YouTube overview:

Introducing Commercial Real Estate

Understanding Commercial Construction

Identifying Requirements for Office and Retail Properties

Preparing to Sell Office and Retail Properties

Preparing to Sell Commercial Condominiums

Identifying Requirements for Industrial Properties

Preparing to Sell Industrial Properties

Showing Office, Retail or Industrial Properties and Advising on Properties of Interest

Completing Agreements of Purchase and Sale for Office and Retail Properties

Completing Agreements of Purchase and Sale for Commercial Condominiums

Completing Agreements of Purchase and Sale for Industrial Properties

Preparing to Lease Office, Retail and Industrial Properties

Transactions Involving Commercial Leasing

Transactions Involving Development Land and Farms

Transactions Involving Brokering the Sale of a Business

Course 6: Real Estate Broker

Complete chapter notes for all readings and learning objectives

14 exam bank sets, 2 exams for each of the 7 learning modules with answers and explanations

Flashcards and hot topics training game

Full Refund Policy

The full amount of your purchase will be refunded if you are not successful in passing your exams. With a copy of your transcript showing an unsuccessful grade, you'll be refunded in full with no questions asked.

Required Regulatory Disclaimer

Our study materials are for information purposes only. We do not accredit, license, certify or designate any professional credentials. Students must register with the official course providers to register for exams and receive legally recognized accreditation. We are not affiliated with Humber College.

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