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Humber College Real Estate Exams Working on a Realtor Team

You can get a complete exam preparation kit from:

Congrats on beginning your journey toward becoming a real estate agent! I have to be honest - it was the best move I ever made, and I bet you'll think it is too. It was pretty tough starting out if I'm honest, but once I got some momentum, it felt like it was truly meant to be.

In the beginning there's so much to learn though, and those challenges were honestly the hardest part of becoming a Realtor for me personally. But, in the meantime . . .

I Hear You.

Since I have spent the last year since graduating closing several million dollar deals and building my brand. So many of you kind, ambitious folks drop me notes and have been kind enough to ask for mentoring. I am SO excited to tell you that we have found an amazing solution!

We Started Our Own Movement.

I figured out a solution that will be able to help as many new agents like you as possible at the same time, solve the most common problems you run into when launching your new career, and also build a supportive, kick ass community of likeminded real estate agents, not just from Canada but from across the globe!

In this dedicated group, I want us to build a community together of agents who support each other, refer clients to each other and share solutions with each other, so we can grow out careers together.

Join our group here:

Remember - you're not fighting other agents for business today. You're helping out other agents who may be on the other side of your deal tomorrow, helping your Gross Commission Income go up, and up and up . . .

Not only that, I want to use this community group as a way to mentor EVERYONE in it, so when I put time into giving feedback and helping you grow as a brand new agent, I'll also be helping someone on the other side of the world. Cool idea, right?!

Let's foster some community in this industry for once! Honestly? The people in this industry I'm closest to are the friends I made in the Humber Real Estate Program. We still have a group chat and regularly keep up with each other, help each other out with questions, problems at midnight and just encouragement through the extreme highs and (sometimes devastating) lows without judgement. That's what I want to give to everyone with this new community. I want all positive-minded new agents to be a part of it, including YOU.

You know what they say? A rising tide raises all boats.

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