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Humber College Real Estate Salesperson Essentials RECO All Courses Study Books

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While I was able to comprehend the most of Course 1, there were a few areas that I was confused about. I required clarification on a few points... to the point that I had to Google it and wind up reading law blogs simply to figure it out.

What is the most challenging subject for me? In Ontario, land registration is required.

Get your download study guide here:

It was quite perplexing to me! After doing a lot of study and ultimately grasping this difficult subject, I reasoned that if I was having trouble, other students were definitely having trouble as well!

As a result, I prepared a Course 1 Study Guide. It graphically breaks down the most difficult topics, and I discuss them with you.

Topics Covered in Course 1

  1. Welcome - How To Use This Course ​

  2. Land Registration in Ontario • The Registry System vs. The Land Titles System • Land Titles Conversion Qualified vs. Land Titles Absolute

  3. Land Description & Surveys • Land Description Methods • Land Surveys

  4. Trading Real Estate in Ontario • RECO, REBBA and The Code of Ethics • Trading in Ontario & Registrant Categories • Registration with RECO • Commission

  5. Client vs. Customer Relationship

  6. Real Estate Definitions & Home Types • Real Estate Definitions / Chattels & Fixtures • Types of Detached Homes • Types of Attached Homes

  7. Organized Real Estate

  8. Property Ownership Types • Types of Ownership • Ownership Alternatives

  9. All About Easements

  10. Capital Gains & Tax Implications

Get your download study guide here: