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Humber Real Estate Courses - Realtor License Essentials First Step

Everything you need to become a Realtor in Ontario can be found here:

This style of study will help you learn & understand the material in the Humber Real Estate Salesperson Program in a whole new way, never done before!

"I was freaking out big time about how to study for this course. Let me tell you, this was just what I needed!"- Jenn Fleming, Humber Real Estate Student

The great news is it doesn't matter if you've discovered on Course 1 or Course 4, there are guides available for every course in the program.

You can check out the full course catalog here →​

If you have any questions about the program, please pop in anytime to our student group


Everyone is really friendly, and we all support each other on the journey through school, and share things like moral support, exam tips & tricks and more! Be sure to do a quick search of the group before posting as there have been so many great bits of advice posted and lots of questions answered by students going through the same challenges as you! If you can't find a post, please feel free to create a new post.

I'll see you in the group - happy studying!


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