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Humber Real Estate Program ProctorTrack

So much has happened in the since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world ...

Due to Covid-19 shutdowns, Humber opened up registration back in April 2020 for online exams via ProctorTrack, an online virtual proctoring service. To say it has been a rough start would be an understatement.

Things have improved somewhat since, but I know I still see ProctorTrack problems posted about daily in our Humber Real Estate Facebook Student Group.

Find the answers at :

What is Pro

ctorTrack and how do I book my online exam? How do I avoid common ProctorTrack problems? Rules, tips and tricks for online Humber Real Estate exams How can I book my exam before finishing each course? Should I start my career while Covid-19 lockdown is happening? What's the latest news on conditional licensing and the mandatory Simulation Sessions 1 & 2?

*Note conditional licensing is no longer happening as Sims 2 is now available*

And tons, tons more!


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