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This is second of the Pre-registration exams conducted by Humber College for getting Real Estate License in Ontario. Over 6,000 Pages of the official PDF text have been summarized in just 260 Pages. That saves a lot of time and effort in flipping pages in the official text.


Included Inside


  • Module 1 – Explaining Services Available to a Seller or a Buyer – Exam Study Notes
  • Module 2: Documenting Relationships – Exam Study Notes
  • Module 3 – Understanding Residential Property Types, Ownership, and Planning – Exam Study Notes
  • Module 4 – Factors Impacting Residential Real Estate Negotiations – Exam Study Notes
  • Module 5: The Financial Aspects of the Buying and Selling process. The Role of Third-Party Professionals – Exam Study Notes
  • Module 6: Understanding Residential Construction – Structural Components – Exam Study Notes
  • Module 7 – Understanding Residential Construction – Mechanical Systems – Exam Study Notes
  • Module 8 – Understanding Residential Construction – Internal and External Finishes – Exam Study Notes
  • Module 9 – Preparing to Market a Residential Real Property – Exam Study Notes
  • Module 10 – How Property Conditions Impact Disclosure Requirements- Exam Study Notes
  • Module 11 – Property Value and Listing Price Considerations – Exam Study Notes
  • Module 12 – Listing and Marketing Properties – Exam Study Notes
  • Module 13 – Showing Residential Properties and Advising on Properties of Intrest – Exam Study Notes
  • Module 14 – The offer Process and Regulatory Obligations – Exam Study Notes
  • Module 15 – Introducing a Residential Agreement of Purchase and Sale – Exam Study Notes
  • Module 16 – Completing a Residential Agreement of Purchase and Sale Including Terms for a Buyer or Seller – Exam Study Notes
  • Module 17 – Writing Conditions to be included in an Agreement of Purchase and Sale – Exam Study Notes
  • Module 18 – Completing a Residential Agreement of Purchase and Sale, Countering an Offer, and working with Competing Offers – Exam Study Notes
  • Module 19 – Additional Sale Related Documents and Other Legal Obligations – Exam Study Notes
  • Module 20 – Completing Real Estate Transactions – Exam Study Notes



Actual Exam Questions with Answers





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Some prominent features of this book are:


✅ Updated for New 2022 Humber Real Estate Exam Curriculum.

✅ Covers all Topics and Lessons in 20 Modules. Includes actual exam questions and answers broken down by chapters.

✅ Point-by-Point Self-Study Notes for all chapters.

✅ Reduces the Time Taken for Review.

✅Study Anywhere on Your Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or even Smart Phone.


The book provides point-by-point Self-Study Notes for review of the most important topics from the official textbook. The hard to understand terms have been explained in easy language. Math formulas have been explained with examples. It is a valuable asset for the student who wants to be successful in the first attempt.

Humber Real Estate Course 2 Residential Transactions 2022