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Get Ready for Your Ontario Real Estate License: Enroll in the "Real Estate Salesperson Program Toronto" at Humber College

Real Estate Salesperson Program Toronto

Getting a Real Estate License in Ontario, Canada

Considering a switch to a real estate career or just starting out after graduation? Humber College’s Real Estate Salesperson Program in Toronto provides a detailed and expansive educational route that equips you with essential skills and knowledge for success in the real estate industry. In this blog, we'll delve into the program's unique offerings and how it thoroughly prepares you for a licensed real estate salesperson career in Ontario.

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Real Estate Salesperson Program Toronto
Real Estate Salesperson Program Toronto

Your Real Estate Career: Enroll in the "Real Estate Salesperson Program Toronto Overview

This article covers the process and costs associated with obtaining a real estate license in the province of Ontario, Canada. It provides detailed information on the application process, admission requirements, and the various fees involved.

  • Here is sharing information on how to get a real estate license in Ontario, Canada.

  • The will cover the costs and study requirements for obtaining the license.

  • The total fee for getting a real estate license in Ontario is $7,550, which includes pre-registration, registration, and post-registration costs.

  • This does not cover the cost of choosing a brokerage, as brokerages have their own desk fees and startup fees.

  • The cost of choosing a brokerage is not included in the $7,550 total fee.

  • The first step is to go to the Humber College website ( and apply for the real estate program.

  • The application fee is $75.

  • The admission requirements are relatively low, with the main requirements being that the applicant is a Canadian resident, at least 18 years of age, and has a high school diploma or equivalent credential.

  • The application can be completed on the Humber College website, and they will determine if the applicant is a good fit for the industry.

  • After the application fee, the cost for the course, also known as e-learning, is $3,190.

  • The payment for the course is not due upfront, but rather paid as you go through the program.

  • The website provides a good breakdown of what the $3,190 covers.

Course Costs and Exam Fees

This section covers the costs associated with the various courses and exams.

  • Course 1 costs $525, and the exam for Course 1 costs $100.

  • The courses have a range of study durations and recommended completion times.

  • Course 2 has an average duration of 150 hours, with a recommended 10-week completion time.

  • While Course 2 is considered the hardest, the material is not overly difficult, especially for those with a high school diploma or college experience.

  • The exams are generally multiple-choice and not overly challenging, but the courses require a significant time investment to complete.

Course Structure and Assessments

This section outlines the structure of the courses and the various assessments involved.

  • Courses 1 through 4 each have an exam, while Course 5 does not have an exam.

  • In addition to the exams, there are two simulation sessions that allow students to apply their knowledge to real-life scenarios in a safe environment.

  • The simulations and practical education, along with the general rules and fundamentals, are designed to prepare students to be safe and professional realtors.

Total Costs

This section summarizes the total costs for the e-learning, courses, exams, and simulations.

  • The total cost for the e-learning and courses is $3,190.

  • The total cost for the exams, including the simulations, is $500.

  • The total cost assumes that the student has passed all the assessments.

Exam Retake and Rescheduling Costs

  • If you fail an exam, you have to retake it at an additional cost of $100.

  • If you need to reschedule an exam for any reason, there is an additional cost of $50.

The Pre-Registration Process

  • The pre-registration process is the bulk of the licensing process.

  • It involves a significant amount of work and generally takes 4-6 months to complete.

Realistic Expectations for the Licensing Process

  • Many students are ambitious and think they can get their license in 2 months, but this is unlikely.

  • The delay is not due to your inability to study, but rather the availability of exams and simulations.

Delays in the Licensing Process

  • You may have to wait a couple of weeks to book an exam due to availability.

  • These delays can add up and prolong the licensing process.

Time Limits and Costs for the Licensing Process

  • You have 24 months from the time you gain access to course 1 to complete all 5 courses and 2 simulations.

  • For courses 1-4, you have a maximum of 5 months to complete each course.

  • For course 5, you have a maximum of 1 month to complete it.

  • The total cost for the pre-registration process is $3,765.

Licensing and Registration Fees for Real Estate Agents


This section covers the various fees and costs associated with becoming a licensed real estate agent. It includes the pre-registration, registration, and post-registration fees that aspiring agents need to be aware of.

Pre-Registration Fees:

  • Police check: $40 - $60

  • RECO (Real Estate Council of Ontario) licensing fee: $590 upfront, covers first 2 years

  • Errors and Omissions licensing fee: $445 annual payment

  • Initiation fees for OREA (Ontario Real Estate Association) and CREA (Canadian Real Estate Association): $400 one-time payment

  • Annual dues for OREA and CREA

  • Real Estate Salesperson Program Toronto

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