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Humber Real Estate Broker Course 6 Study Kit


  • Complete chapter notes for all readings and learning objectives
  • 14 exam bank questions with answers and explanations
  • Flashcards and hot topics training game


The Real Estate Broker Program is for active real estate salespersons who are currently registered with the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) and aspire to continue their education to become a registered real estate broker. Register for the Broker Qualifying Exam to start the process.


Broker Qualifying Exam




The Broker Qualifying Exam is a requirement to getting started with the Real Estate Broker Program. Designed to test working knowledge on the key areas involved in the trading of real estate in Ontario and is three hours in duration.




  • Exams are only available for registration up to 7 days prior to an exam date
  • All exams are delivered in an online format at a qualified Testing Centre or by a program approved virtual proctoring service
  • Learners must achieve a minimum score of 75
  • Exam questions will be (4) four-option multiple choice with a single correct response
  • The Broker Qualifying Exam consists of 115 questions


    Humber Real Estate Broker Course 6 Study Kit