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This is the third of the Pre-registration exams conducted by Humber College for getting Real Estate License in Ontario. Over 1,900 Pages of the official text have been summarized in about 300 Pages. That saves a lot of time and effort in flipping pages in the official text.


Included Inside


  • Module 1 – Introducing Residential Condominiums – Exam Study Notes
  • Module 2 – Preparing to Sell Residential Condominiums – Exam Study Notes
  • Module 3 – Completing a Condominium Agreement of Purchase and Sale – Exam Study Notes
  • Module 4 – The Importance of Understanding Transactions Involving New Construction – Exam Study Notes
  • Module 5: Transaction Involving Rural Properties – Exam Study Notes
  • Module 6: Transactions Involving Residential Multi-Unit Dwellings – Exam Study Notes
  • Module 7 – Preparing to Lease Residential Real Properties- Exam Study Notes
  • Module 8 – Preparing to Lease Residential Condominiums – Exam Study Notes
  • Module 9 – Completing Agreements to Lease for Residential Properties- Exam Study Notes


Actual Exam Questions with Answers




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Some prominent features of this online ebook are:


✅ Updated for New 2022 Humber Real Estate Exam Curriculum. Includes the Simulation 1 Materials.

✅ Covers all Topics and Lessons in 9 Modules. Includes actual exam questions and answers broken down by chapters.

✅ Point-by-Point Self-Study Notes for all chapters.

✅ Reduces the Time Taken for Review.

✅ Study Anywhere on Your Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or even Smart Phone.


The online ebook provides point-by-point Self-Study Notes for review of the most important topics from the official textbook. The hard to understand terms have been explained in easy language. Math formulas have been explained with examples. It is a valuable asset for the student who wants to be successful in the first attempt.

Humber Real Estate Course 3 Additional Residential Transactions 2022